ASA Podcast

Episode 55 - Building for Tomorrow

August 05, 2020 Jeff Peevy Season 2 Episode 55
ASA Podcast
Episode 55 - Building for Tomorrow
Show Notes

Episode 55 – Building for Tomorrow

Jeff Peevy has accomplished much in his five years as President of the Automotive Management Institute. He’s also the current Chairman of the Collision Industry Conference and will be rejoining I-CAR as their VP of Technical Products, Programs and Services in August. Listen in as Jeff reviews his time with AMi and CIC as he prepares to hand over the reigns at AMi and his plans for the future. Hear all about it as Jeff discusses:


·         The first-ever CIC Virtual Conference and what was learned from the experience.

·         The challenges of having a virtual meeting. It’s a team effort!

·         Engaging the audience and sharing ideas virtually.

·         Takeaways from the first CIC Virtual Meeting.

·         Disruptors hitting the collision industry.

·         Taking AMi to the next level.

·         Building an open-source training organization.

·         AMi’s extensive training offerings.

·         AMi Industry credentials and OEM training.

·         The important role training plays in safe and quality repairs.

·         Jeff’s new role at I-CAR addressing repair issues and industry challenges.

·         Plans for new online training.

·         The new CollisionBoost Radio podcast Jeff and his wife host.