ASA Podcast

Episode 53 - Playing the Long Game

July 22, 2020 Danny Sanchez Season 2 Episode 53
ASA Podcast
Episode 53 - Playing the Long Game
Show Notes

Episode 53 – Playing the Long Game

Danny Sanchez is the Founder and CEO of AutoShop Solutions. He’s also an AMi instructor and routinely offers good advice to shop owners looking to grow their business. In this ASA Podcast, Danny talks about how the most successful businesses play the long game in the shop. It’s often the little things that make the biggest difference and Danny covers such important topics as:

 ·         Getting bogged down in day-today operations at the expense of the vision.

·         Transitioning from a short-term to a long-term business model.

·         Transactional experiences don’t build relationships.

·         Why referral business is crucial to success.

·         Why you must give the customer all the information you can.

·         How comprehensive vehicle inspections can grow trust.

·         Delivering what your customers expect.

·         Presentation is everything.

·         Connecting to the culture of your business.

·         Why it’s time to get social.

·         How business is an evolution in stages for owners and customers.

·         Why online training is here to stay.

·         Ethics aren’t optional.