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Episode 29 - A/C Compressor Diagnostic Tips

March 11, 2020 Richard Hawkins Season 2 Episode 29
ASA Podcast
Episode 29 - A/C Compressor Diagnostic Tips
Show Notes

Episode 29 – A/C Compressor Diagnosis Tips 

Richard Hawkins, A/C Tech Team at 1-800 Radiator & A/C knows mobile air conditioning systems. That’s particularly true when it comes to diagnosing modern compressors. Listen in to hear Richard share how compressor design applies to diagnostics, along with important tips for A/C technicians to help in diagnosing air conditioning issues, including: 

·       The technical hotline resource available from 1-800-Radiator & A/C

·       The difference between piston and scroll compressors

·       How variable-displacement compressors differ from fixed-output types

·       Understanding pressure readings based on compressor design

·       Why working A/C compressors are often mis-diagnosed as failed

·       The different types of pressure and electronic compressor control systems and how they work

·       How often compressors are mis-diagnosed

·       How to identify compressor types for an accurate diagnosis