ASA Podcast

Episode 26 - ASA Collision Division Report

February 20, 2020 Mike LeVasseur Season 2 Episode 26
ASA Podcast
Episode 26 - ASA Collision Division Report
Show Notes

Episode 26 – ASA Collision Division Report

ASA Collision Division Director Mike LeVasseur reports on recent activities by the ASA Collision Operations Committee. This new, bi-monthly podcast for ASA members keeps you up-to-speed on important projects such as new vehicle technology now appearing in the service bays and other developments that have the potential to significantly impact ASA members and the automotive service industry at large. Listen to learn how ASA has your back in Washington and across the nation, including:

·       How data access impacts collision repair and the importance of information to the issues of liability as well as proper repair processes.

·       The recent veto of New Hampshire legislation mandating the use of OEM repair procedures and how critical proper repair procedures are to restoring collision-damaged vehicles.

·       The COC’s work on educating the industry and collision damage estimators on the requirements for proper color matching on today’s vehicles.

·       The proper interpretation of OEM and other position statements on such new repair requirements as vehicle scanning to help identify all collision damage.

·       The priorities of the ASA Collision Operations Committee for 2020.

·       How the COC works with other ASA divisions on common issues that impact both ASA member groups.